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Today I did one of the best shows I have done in a long time. It was for a little kid who has been fighting cancer. He’s just 4. It was his birthday today. He laughed and laughed at my goofy magic show. He was a great volunteer, he helped PERFECTLY with every trick. It was so good. I stood in the weedy yard outside his house in the country, under a tree, surrounded by his family and friends. And we all had just the best time. No stage, no sound system (no place to plug in), only 20 people maybe. Man, I didn’t even get paid (this one was on me) and it was just such a wonderful time I had to share. Plus, I’m 29 years sober today. It was a good day.

The Astonishing Mr. Pitts and Fluffy the Magic Bunny entertain three and four year old children at a day care center

Mr. Pitts and Fluffy the Magic Bunny