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I had a wonderful, excellent day in the company of some fine people at my friend Jim Zajicek’s Big Circus Sideshow when it appeared in Austin, TX at the Star Fair and Rodeo. Jim, a real showman with years in circus and sideshow allowed me the opportunity to ‘bally’ his first rate, real live midway sideshow. To ‘bally’ means to do an outside the tent performance, on the ‘ballystage’ to attract an audience. The word comes from the term “ballyhoo”.



: a noisy attention-getting demonstration or talk 2 : flamboyant, exaggerated, or sensational promotion or publicity 3 : excited commotion

It was a lot of fun and a good learning experience.
Jim’s girlfriend Lori Ballard, a very fine professional photographer was there and got some of my favorite photographs of the bally and behind the scenes.
Ventriloquist David Pitts and his puppet partner Henry Little at the Big Circus Sideshow at the Star Fair and Rodeo in Austin, TX

Behind the Bannerline – Photo by Lori Ballard


David Pitts, also known as The Astonishing Mr. Pitts, San Antonio, Texas magician and ventriloquist, and his wooden friend Henry Little in the 'backyard' of the Big Circus Sideshow

In the Backyard of the Big Circus Sideshow – Photo by Lori Ballard


Ventriloquist and Magician David Pitts and his Friend Henry Little Behind the Bannerline of the Big Circus Sideshow

Sideshow at Twilight – Photo by Lori Ballard


David Pitts and Henry Little on the Ballystage of Jim Zajicek's Big Circus Sideshow

David and Henry Bally – Photo by Lori Ballard