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Programs for Libraries

It's All About the Fun and Power of Reading!
Reading and Libraries open up whole new worlds.

“The Astonishing World of Reading!” 

The Astonishing Mr. Pitts, Frank the Wonder Dog, and Fluffy the Magic Bunny star in this hilarious show about the fun and power of reading and libraries!

This presentation includes amazing magic, hilarious puppets, cartooning, and fun for all ages!

This fast-paced show is all about the impact of reading and the wonderful worlds that libraries can open for young readers.

With the help of his magic and puppets, the children will learn all about what the library has to offer… fiction, non-fiction, biography, autobiography, poetry, joke books, and so much more!

Children’s entertainer David Pitts, also known as The Astonishing Mr. Pitts, spent countless hours in the library while growing up. His mother, Anite Pitts, was a librarian in the Amarillo, TX Public Library system for many years, and she instilled in David a love of reading, books, and libraries.

“I was raised in a library!”, Mr. Pitts likes to say, and he still loves spending time there reading, imagining, and learning everything the library has to offer!

Invite him to your library to share his love of reading and excitement for learning, as well as amaze and entertain with his astonishing magic tricks and hilarious puppet friends!

Thank you so very, very much and I’m hoping you can come back again next year. The kids loved you and your puppets. You we’re GREAT!

Director, Dilley TX Public Library

Norma Herrera

Mr. Pitts came and gave two back to back presentations for us, one for elementary age and the second one was for all members of the family. He responded to the audience, got them interacting and made the children laugh. I think he did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend him!

Director, Taylor TX Public Library

Karen Ellis


I just wanted to let you know that you did an OUTSTANDING JOB with our little ones.  The teachers all had positive things to say about your performance.  I am definitely going to invite you back!

Librarian, Bob Lewis Elementary

Melissa Eversole

The Astonishing Mr. Pitts in the 2020 Virtual Library Reading Show “Imagination is a Super Power!” 

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