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Cartoon Class!

Telling Your Story in Pictures and Words

Hands-On Cartooning Workshops for All Ages

Basic Skills - Developing a Cartoon Style

Mr. Pitts and Some Budding Cartoonists

David Pitts worked as a professional cartoonist, graphic designer and art educator for thirty years. His love for the art is evident in his enthusiasm for teaching young cartoonists.

Everybody Can Draw Cartoons!

One of the greatest things about cartooning is how fun it is! There’s no wrong way to do it and it’s all about developing your own style and expressing your own ideas! Students and teachers are always excited and amazed at the cartoons the students create in class. So much talent! So much fun!

Kids Are Natural Artists!

Children are naturally good at cartooning. They take to it with amazing focus. Mr. Pitts shares his knowledge with both passion and humor. These classes are FUN!

Thanks so much for your presentation.  It was a big hit!  The kiddos cleaned us out in the art/drawing books in the library and we have had to place several on reserve.  They really did enjoy it and so many of them brought their drawings for me to see.  I love our kids here in Lago Vista and it makes me happy when they really like one of our programs so thank you for keeping them interested, involved and now eager to draw some more.

We really appreciated your willingness to accommodate our strange age variances and work with us.  You are professional and talented and we are keeping your two sketches on the white board for a few days because we all liked them so much.  Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Peggy Gibson , Lago Vista Public Library “Story Lady”

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